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Re: disconnected players calling :user_disconnected

>>When a new connection is made to the MOO, it gets a negative object
>>number.  When it disconnects it calls #0:user_disconnected/

>Uh, with what server is this? I *wish* #0:user_disconnected were called
>when a not-yet-logged-in negative object gets booted or closes
>connection... but it isn't.

Hm.  Odd, I just tested this and you're right.  I'd done some work with
this some time ago and it appeared that this worked.  Weird coincidence.
But it doesn't entirely address my question.

>>But if it disconnects BY LOGGING IN it
>>doesn't -- so if $login (or some other mechanism) is keeping track of
>>the not-yet-connected players, there's no way for it to deal with
>>negative objects connecting.  (This is resolvable in-DB, but I think
>>that's artificial.)

>Heh. When it *does* connect, you can keep track by using #0:user_connected
>et al. Is this what you call artificial?

Well, let's say negative object number #-110 connects as object #110 -
there's no way to directly make that association without doing it in-DB.
Tho it wouldn't be so hard to hack something together to make the
association just before the connection is made.

Seth / Bb

Seth I. Rich
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