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MOO Cores?

Hi ...

I am thinking of ``upgrading'' my MOO's core (LambdaCore) to another, 
more full-featured core.  I understand that this is a rather daunting 
task, especially considering that there is a number of objects and places 
already constructed in my MOO (we're up to about object #950 ...)

The reasons I want to do this:

.  Get more core utility verbs which I don't want to code :)
.  Get cool stuff like integrating/outdoor/detail rooms without having
   to port the stuff over from another MOO, and also have to go through
   the process of 'getting permission' to copy other people's code

I've been following MOO-Cows for a while now and it sounds to me like the 
most well-built and least-bare cores available publicly are the Opal core 
and the JHM core.

Does anybody have any suggestions one way or another?  I am concerned 
about how difficult it is going to be to port MOOcode (the porting of the 
actual objects is a relatively simple task) -- for instance, it seems 
that JHMcore uses player:tnt() instead of player:tell()  or some weird 
verb along these lines.  Now, if all that was necessary was to change all 
player:tell()'s to player:tnt()'s, there wouldn't be much of a problem.  
But if the arguments to player:tnt() differ from player:tell(), for 
instance, that could end up taking an enormous amount of time to convert 

Thanks to anybody who can give me some assistance in this.

-- Joel Thornton <> Univ.Washington
   Moo: 8888  PGP.EFF.Linux.#Chaos.S3M.Moo.ANSi.IcP.dse
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