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Re: Lynix MOO

> But getting cocky, I'm now trying to get lynix to answer incoming calls and
> give one person (only one line, and one modem) an account used to get into
> the MOO. I believe that DIP could be used, but how would I set things up for
> what I exactly need? And then they could telnet two, would I have to change
> the local IP from loopback, or would the connection need it as I do? <I
> don't think so, but eh, I read up on it this morning>.
> I've read most th FAQs etc, which got me this far. . but I'm stuck on this
> last detail.

A) Tinyfugue runs like a dream under linux. Im a complete linux dummy, 
and I got it working, no sweat. (on a 486/50, and also a 486DX2/80) 

B) On our box, we created a "guestMOO" account, and set its shell to 
/bin/tf - then create a .tfrc that automatically connects to the MOO on 
our server, and sets the restriction levels to prevent executing shell 
commands, or telneting to other sites. It's reasonably secure, and has 
the added advantage that TF is MUCH MUCH nicer than vanila telnet for 
accessing the moo.  


Good luck to ya...


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