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Lynix MOO

I am planning to start a MOO in the future, while I am working on getting a
connection to the the relavent hardware. In the mean time I have set up a
Lambda server on my 486 PC running Linux (Slackware). Congrates to all who
worked on, and are working on Linux and Lamba, even I with *NO* Unix/Linux
know how managed to figure it out and get it all running okay!

Now it is time for me to start getting cocky, this is really a Linux
question, but it is directly relavent to MOOs. My machine is a 486 DX2 and
runs Linux slackware from (2.(something)). I compiled lambda
1.7.8p4 with thee NS_BSD/NP_TCP and set the network IP to loop back, I
telneted in with 'telnet <IP> 7777' and it worked a dream!!!
But getting cocky, I'm now trying to get lynix to answer incoming calls and
give one person (only one line, and one modem) an account used to get into
the MOO. I believe that DIP could be used, but how would I set things up for
what I exactly need? And then they could telnet two, would I have to change
the local IP from loopback, or would the connection need it as I do? <I
don't think so, but eh, I read up on it this morning>.
I've read most th FAQs etc, which got me this far. . but I'm stuck on this
last detail.

I understand that this is more a Linux related topic and might be best
suited to other groups but it I'm not sure if the server wouldd have to be
recompiled etc or different settings. . .   so I thought I'd ask the Gurus
here (So please don't flame me for it, I find that it is an interesting side
topic to MOOs and connecting to them).

Secondly, I'm about to go hunting for it but could anybody tell me of a good
teelnet program for Linux? Tinyfugue is Unix right, is it very portable?



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