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Re: Wish list

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Coolin MacKaarmick wrote:

> Further wishlist stuff:
> @prop #100.newprop #99.oldprop
> throw ball at #100.someprop
> etc.
> ... i.e. some more subtle interpretation by parser.
This could probably be done in-DB fairly easily, by hacking 
$string_utils:match_object or something similar.  I do think that we need 
to give the server more support for in-DB matching though.  Maybe let it 
call #0:do_match instead of the normal server matching if it exists.  
This could return the location and name of the verb to call and maybe 
what the dobj, dobjstr, iobj, iobjstr, and argstr should be.  Or at least 
let you specify the objects and the order for the server parsing to look 
for the verb on (for example having it use :contents() instead of 
.contents or the player's .features list, that would not only speed it up a
little but also stop the need for making feature verbs +x)
Is something similar to this already on the wish list?

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