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Re: Wish list

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Don Schwarz wrote:

> to give the server more support for in-DB matching though.  Maybe let it 
> call #0:do_match instead of the normal server matching if it exists.  
> This could return the location and name of the verb to call and maybe 
> what the dobj, dobjstr, iobj, iobjstr, and argstr should be.  Or at least 
Oops, what I meant was it would be called with the value of verb, dobjstr, 
iobjstr, and argstr set and then #0:do_match could match dobj and 
iobj and check for the verb on the player, room, and dobj, and iobj 
(along with anything else it needs to) in whatever order it wants to.

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