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Re: Wish list

>On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Coolin MacKaarmick wrote:
>> Further wishlist stuff:
>> @prop #100.newprop #99.oldprop
>> throw ball at #100.someprop
>> etc.
>> ... i.e. some more subtle interpretation by parser.
>This could probably be done in-DB fairly easily, by hacking 
>$string_utils:match_object or something similar.  I do think that we need 
>to give the server more support for in-DB matching though.  Maybe let it 
>call #0:do_match instead of the normal server matching if it exists.  
>This could return the location and name of the verb to call and maybe 
>what the dobj, dobjstr, iobj, iobjstr, and argstr should be.  Or at least 
>let you specify the objects and the order for the server parsing to look 
>for the verb on (for example having it use :contents() instead of 
>.contents or the player's .features list, that would not only speed it up a
>little but also stop the need for making feature verbs +x)
>Is something similar to this already on the wish list?
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It is an easy hack, I added ordinal/possessional parsing to a MOO I helping
out on. What I did was add a new  :huh verb, lik slotting in a new chip board ;)
Some would go with this, infact a few lines of code should do it.



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