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Re: Wish list

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Coolin MacKaarmick wrote:

> > >> @prop #100.newprop #99.oldprop
> > >> throw ball at #100.someprop
> > >> etc.
> > >> 
> > >> ... i.e. some more subtle interpretation by parser.
> > >> 
> > >This could probably be done in-DB fairly easily, by hacking 
> > >$string_utils:match_object or something similar.  I do think that we need 
> I'm not sure that would work: the server parser, only calls :huh*() verbs
> to try to figure things out, not $string_utils:match_object(). 
Yes, but most verbs that require an object besides their location for an 
argument (verbs on PC's, FO's, etc) call $string_utils:match_object to
match the object instead of just using the value the server sets 'dobj' 
to, so if you hacked $string_utils:match_object, things like 'throw ball at 
#100.someprop' and 'look at #100.someprop' would work (assuming the verb 
called $string_utils:match_object).  Now if you wanted to do something 
like 'push candybar on #100.vending_machine' or something, then you'd 
have to hack $command_utils:do_huh but this doesn't seem all that necessary.

> Still, I might like to do something like 
> 	@prop $office
> which returns
> 	Syntax error in initial value:  `$' unexpected
> This is a product of @prop, and I could hack that but I don't want to 
> have to hack every @-verb that I might want to give an expression 
> argument to.  I'm not sure if a server mod is the optimal solution, but 
> hacking oodles of core programmer verbs doesn't strike me as optimal either.
You wouldn't have to hack every @-verb, just the ones that don't use 
$string_utils:match_object (or location:match_object or 
player:my_match_object which I think all call $s_u:match_object 
anyway)... the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are @verb, 
and @prop.

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