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Re: Wish list

>Further wishlist stuff:
>@prop #100.newprop #99.oldprop
>throw ball at #100.someprop
>... i.e. some more subtle interpretation by parser.

I've added an 'eval' type matching to the match stack, allowing you do so
things like this:

look `#~munchkin.location.owner.location`

@examine `$code_utils:help_db_list()[1]`

Note that I chose to use the backtick, since it's one character (easy to find
 and parse out) and that is what some UNIX shells use.  If you want, you could
 use $(...) if you so desired.

There is a problem with @display tho:

@display `$code_utils:help_db_list()[1]`.

which will tell you can't find "`$code_utils", but this has to do with how
 @display handles object matching. Herf.

Code examples are avaiable from:$player:my_match_eval$string_utils:match_eval$string_utils:match_object/10-16

(shit, and you thought I was going to post the code!?)

Concerning better matching:

>The goal is -not- to have the server do complex parsing.  I've found it
>irritating that the server doesn't know the properties directly defined
>on #0 so I can refer to them in commands, but the solution is to do the
>object-matching in-DB.  (Recall that not every Core defines its objects
>as offshoots of #0; that's a LambdaCore thing.)

I noticed a while ago that the standard server:

drop $thing

will match $thing:drop fine (assume that the huh stack didn't catch it), but

last 15 on $guest_log

won't work, you'd need to use the actual object number instead of
 $guest_log.  Apparently it matches core objects in the dobj but not the
 iobj.  I'm going to look into this again tho.

Something else you might want to check out:

I plan on making it publicly avaiable some time soon.
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