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Re: Wish list

>I noticed a while ago that the standard server:
>drop $thing
>will match $thing:drop fine (assume that the huh stack didn't catch it), but
>last 15 on $guest_log
>won't work, you'd need to use the actual object number instead of
> $guest_log.  Apparently it matches core objects in the dobj but not the
> iobj.  I'm going to look into this again tho.

The assumption is incorrect. When you 'drop $thing', $thing:drop isn't
matched at all, but rather $last_huh:drop is used.
What message did you get when you dropped $thing successfully? In
LambdaCore, you'd expect to see "You drop the generic thing." if
$thing:drop was used, but "Dropped." if $last_huh:drop was activated.
Dobj and iobj behave identically, in this respect.

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