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Making a core database

   I already tried running make-core-database on the latest Lambda core, but 
   it gets errors (which I believe are related to the fact that the Core 
   quota system is based on objects, while the make-core verb expects a 
   byte-based quota system.)
    Has anyone managed to create a core database from LambdaCore and can 
   they please give me some pointers?

I'm surprised that the problem is related to byte vs object quota,
especially considering that the core extraction would be done as a
wizard character.  It is still possible you are correct, though.

I don't really want to offer my time in helping you debug this, but I
would suggest that any future bug reports about make-core-database
include more detail, rather than speculation on the cause without
enough data for others to confirm or deny that speculation.

It's been a while since I made a core db.  I'm not surprised that some
stuff fails; a lot of the :init_for_core verbs try to remove lambdamoo
specific stuff, and they may explode.  It should be fairly
straightforward to determine which :init_for_core is failing by
examining the traceback, and generally fixes should also be
straightforward---remove the offending code.

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