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Re: bf_connect_player(CONN, PLAYER) --> *FTP!!*

At 03:33 PM 8/1/96 PDT, Colin McCormick wrote:
>However... this listening FTP daemon object would have to be able to
>perform blocking I/O on connections, so as to read the initial "user XXXX"
>line, reply with the line
>331 Password required for XXXX
>and then read the next "pass YYYY" line *before* deciding on whether or
>not to log in the connection.  This is not currently possible (except with
>non-blocking I/O in a polling loop, very laggy as previously discussed)
>but would be with a "connect_player()" builtin.  The :do_login_command()
>on the listening FTP daemon object would simply do what blocking read()s
>it needed and decide whether to call "connect_player()" or print a "530
>Login incorrect" message. 
>Make sense?

why would do_login_command need to call a "connect_player()" at all? All it
would have to do is return an object # to connect to.

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