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RE: [wish list]: `foo'

At 01:33 PM 8/1/96 PDT, Roger Crew wrote:
>If the problem is that you don't want Joe Random User getting splattered
>with a traceback that he can't do anything about, the right answer is to
>make use of $handle_uncaught_error and/or $handle_task_timeout so that
>rather than seeing something messy like
>  >fribble my buns
>  Oops.  There is a bug (423).  See `help bugs' for more information.

There is something similar to this on Paradigm; it says a little about what
the error is to the player, reminds them to not use the program again until
it is fixed, and tells them to give information like "#0:do_command,5 ->
#1234:look,6 -> E_VERBNF" to a wizard.

- Kipp

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