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multiple line input via :do_login_command

>If you _do_ want to log in an FTP connection (and to be
>honest, I am now not so sure it's a good idea) then :do_login_command()
>must perform one or more read()s to get the user's reply to the PASS line.

You make it sound like it's impossible.  Make it simple and sweet.  Here is
code.  I make no guarntees.  Enjoy. (excuse my assoc-list style)

@prop #0.input_lines {{}, {}}
@program #0:do_login_command
loc = player in this.input_lines[1];
if (!loc)
  this.input_lines[1] = {@this.input_lines[1], player};
  this.input_lines[2] = {@this.input_lines[2], {}};
  loc = length(this.input_lines[1]);
if (argstr != "LOG ME IN")
  buffer = this.input_lines[2][loc];
  buffer = {@buffer, argstr};
  this.input_lines[2][loc] = buffer;
  what_they_entered = this.input_lines[2][loc];
  this.input_lines[1][loc..loc] = {};
  this.input_lines[2][loc..loc] = {};
  who_they_are = this:figure_out_who_they_are(what_they_entered);
  return who_they_are;
return 0;

Voila.  To get the 'reply to the PASS line', you'd have to expand on it a
little more to make it a finite state machine, probally in
:figure_out_who_they_are, which would return 0 if it still needed more input
or the object number to log them in as.  Abstracting "LOG ME IN" to a prop
that could be changed lets :figure_out_who_they_are change it to make
:do_login_command wait for a different ending line.

>I hope that makes more sense now!  :)  As I said, logging in FTP 
>connections may not be such a hot idea, but logging in HTTP connections, 
>that's more desirable.  Plus "connect_player()" would be very useful for 
>linked MOOs and multiprocessor MOOs, as I mentioned before.

I think it makes more sense to login in FTP connections rather than HTTP.  I
don't see how you can use HTTP for a live connection once the user is logged
in.  HTTP is stateless.  What are you going to do with the now logged in
HTTP connection that can't be done by just having it be unconnected, only
communicating with it through :do_login_command and notify()?

Having a connect_player() function would be cool, but for reasons of design,
not because of (non-)blocking reads.


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