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Re: multiple line input via :do_login_command

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, ThwartedEfforts wrote:

> You make it sound like it's impossible.  Make it simple and sweet.  Here is
> code.  I make no guarntees.  Enjoy. (excuse my assoc-list style)


Great -- this is a good way to do what I was trying to do, so thank you. 
:) Of course, it does involve writing to the db, which will cost a few
extra ticks, which may or may not be significant under heavy load.  I'm
still lobbying for a connect_player() builtin, but for the moment I'll
certainly take your code suggestion. 

> I think it makes more sense to login in FTP connections rather than HTTP.  I
> don't see how you can use HTTP for a live connection once the user is logged
> in.  HTTP is stateless.  What are you going to do with the now logged in
> HTTP connection that can't be done by just having it be unconnected, only
> communicating with it through :do_login_command and notify()?

Curiously enough, our whole plan has been to find a way to make HTTP
maintain a state, so that (for instance) data could be kept on a user's
language/colour/style preferences, pages accessed, news
clips/advertisements seen, etc.  A number of people are thinking about
this right now.  We've got a hunch MOO would be a good way to do it;
imagine looking at a Web page and being able to comment on it directly to
the page designer, who is "standing in the page" with you ... the page
being, of course, a MOO room whose description is an HTML document (the
crudest way of doing it.) There's a lot to be said for state-maintaining
HTTP connections (don't forget the uses of server pushes as well) and hey
-- why not use MOO? 
> Having a connect_player() function would be cool, but for reasons of design,
> not because of (non-)blocking reads.

Well, at least we'll agree it'd be cool!  :)

Tripod, Inc.

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