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Re: Out of Ticks for request + other questions

On Aug 07, 1996 19:59:12, 'David Channon <>'
>	HI, 
>	We have just opened our MOO for students to use as part 
>	of a virtual Society course. We have 200+ players which has 
>	caused a few problems that I hope you can help with. 
>	1) The request verb now runs out of ticks and hence terminates before 
>	   the request can complete - This happened somewhere around the 150 
>	   or so players. I assume that the matching of names  
>	   $player_db:avaiable calls a recursive #37:find_exact verb which 
>	   is the problem. My first though was to add a check on the ticks 
>	   $command_utils:running_out_of_time() and then call suspend 
>	   but further down the chain is some read()s which will not work 
>	   if task has been suspended. How do I fix this problem - without 
>	   disabling checks. Do I just up the ticks for this task? (How) 
Well it's good every once in a while to run the verbs on $player_db every
once in awhile to clear out and insert any used and non used names. The
verbs are $player_db:load() and $player_db:check() well help you out too. 
>	2) Can the wizard walk around without it being announced to the other 
>	   players? 
Well I have it set up on a few moos at where I wiz at to do so. The only
reason why your entrance and exit is being announced is because of
directions verbs saying so. You can either... 
             A: hack at $room and $exit to make it check to see if you are
a wizard and if so don not                       announce  
             B: make an verb that would be similar to @go and set it up to
match exits in the room, match room numbers and teleport you, or both. And
tell it to leave out the messages. you can simply type the bf move() and it
won't announce your teleporting into a room. 
But either way you go... you would still have to work on $room:look_self
and code it to leave you out of :contents(), which can be done with just a
tad bit of work. 
>	3) Any management tricks and idea for large player databases are very 
>	   welcome. 
Well just keep the aliases down to a min, or even perhaps removed the
choice for them to have aliases and remove the alias verb from them. Plus
also, if you are allowing them to, keep objct db bloat down. DOn't let them
make too much worthless junk. That's sure enough to add a heavy tug down on
your db size. 
>	Thanks in advance. 
>	-David. 
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