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Re: Out of Ticks for request + other questions

At 07:59 PM 8/7/96 PDT, David Channon wrote:
>	HI,
>	We have just opened our MOO for students to use as part
>	of a virtual Society course. We have 200+ players which has
>	caused a few problems that I hope you can help with.
>	1) The request verb now runs out of ticks and hence terminates before
>	   the request can complete - This happened somewhere around the 150
>	   or so players. I assume that the matching of names 
>	   $player_db:avaiable calls a recursive #37:find_exact verb which
>	   is the problem. My first though was to add a check on the ticks
>	   $command_utils:running_out_of_time() and then call suspend
>	   but further down the chain is some read()s which will not work
>	   if task has been suspended. How do I fix this problem - without
>	   disabling checks. Do I just up the ticks for this task? (How)

I think you are not limiting the number of aliases people can have, look for
someone who probably added a zillion aliases to themselves. Also a
;$player_db:load() could come in handy in case you have lots of old aliases

>	2) Can the wizard walk around without it being announced to the other
>	   players?
not in normal rooms, you'd have to modify the rooms to allowed that, it's
more trouble than it's worth and people don't usually like being spied on.

>	3) Any management tricks and idea for large player databases are very
>	   welcome.
well see you have a huge database, probably because someone creatively
decided to add tons of aliases to them, try what i said above, and limiting
maximum aliases under $player:set_aliases, I don't know if the core does
this by default, it should, but maybe someone changed it.

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