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My wish: built-in prompt support

I think there's some need for built-in prompt support, for various reasons
(printing stat for rpg MOO, verb name and line number for in-MOO editor,
for example).

I wrote patches for it several times myself, for the server is continuosly
evolving, and the last one was completely rewritten from scratch and finished
last night. It seems I wrote the patches for every versions of server since 
1.7.8p4. (sigh)

I also wishes support for multiprocessor, though it seems not so easy as
other wishes suggested already. (though I have a plan to dig it myself 
(just for fun), but I can't say when it'll be done, because I'm too lazy... :)

	-- Ahn

Ahn, Jin-su    				email:
School of Electrical Engineering	LambdaMOO: Deedlit(#103811)
Seoul National University, Korea


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