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Re: [wish list]: perl stuff

At 09:44 AM 8/9/96 PDT, Quinn wrote:
>It would be cool to have some of the anti-statements of Perl, such as
>"unless" (if-not), and "until" (while-not), because '!' just looks real ugly
>beside some things.

I'd spend hours trying to figure out code that looks like this!  This is a

>        "blah" if (foo);

NICE one-liner.

>        if (foo in [5..8])

Definitely easier... Although it's prolly not, it /looks/ more efficent :)
This is a should-do.

>        "bar" in "foobarbaz"

I'd say I wish for this statement, on average, about 25 hours a day, 8 days
a week, 33 days a month, 13 months a year ...

This is a must-do.

>I suppose that could break some ruthlessly !d verbs which use "in" both to
>check for type LIST and for membership, though.

Whoever writes verbs like that disserves to have a few petty bugs to fix.

This is a must-do (must do, meaning, we must bug ruthless !d coders)


Yeah, me too.

>That's all for now.  Just more cosmetic suggestions from Quinn.  Oh, and
>remember real comments.  Real comments would rock.  Real comments RULE.  /*

  /* Hey, that's great.  Besides the realness of it, it adds a nice       */
 /* destinction between the help system's "comments";, which are evaled, */
/* and maybe programmers' notes or in-db parsing info.                  */

- Kipp

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