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Re: [wish list]: perl stuff

> Somewhat Perly.  The ability to reference '[a..b]' as if it were an
> inclusive list of all integers 'a' through 'b'.  Like...
>         if (foo in [5..8])
> Rather than...
>         if ((foo > 4) && (foo < 9))

Better yet, how about builtin support for arbitrary obj/string/int/float
ranges? Something like range(start_value, end_value [, step size])
step_size should be optional and default to one; raise E_TYPE if
start_value and end_value don't have the same value or are of some
type unsupported by range.  [Incidentally, someone else has already
requested support for letter ranges such as
   for letter in ["a".."z"]
] Then have the statement [start..end] be synonymous with range(start,
end) so that all of the following could work identically:

for letter in ["a".."e"]
for letter in {"a", "b", "c", "d", "e"}
for letter in range("a", "e")



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