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> It would be cool to have some of the anti-statements of Perl, such as
> "unless" (if-not), and "until" (while-not), because '!' just looks real ugly
> beside some things.

<Grumble> I think this is just syntactic sugar...

> <TWO>
> It'd also be nice to have the...
>         "blah" if (foo);
> thing, so people who don't wanna use three lines of code on...
>         if (foo)
>           "blah";
>         endif

No PLEASE!  This is the most bogus syntactical misfeature in Perl
after unquoted literals.  If anything, it should be:

	if (foo) blah;

The reversal is just plain hideously hard to wrap a programmer's brain

> Somewhat Perly.  The ability to reference '[a..b]' as if it were an
> inclusive list of all integers 'a' through 'b'.  Like...
>         if (foo in [5..8])
> Rather than...
>         if ((foo > 4) && (foo < 9))

This is, by the way, hideously inefficient and would cause severe
server spam, since you are needlessly creating a list when you don't
need to.  Perl gets around this by having a pretty extensive
optimizer, but developing one for MOO would be a *lot* of work.

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