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Re: Out of band (was: builtin prompt support)

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Michael Reece wrote:
> this is unrelated to built-in prompts, which i care little about, but i
> have written verbs that do not display any output to the player. they are
> used for handshaking on a moo client i have written. if is effective since
> the client does not print out the command iwhen it is sent, and the
> command produces no output. the user remains ignorant. as users should be.

Um, there is already a facility for this: out-of-band commands.
Check out the section on it in the programmer's manual for details;
essentially, you can set an out-of-band prefix (usually set to #$#) such
that all lines of input to the MOO beginning with #$# are sent to
$do_out_of_band_command() instead of $do_command().

Of course, most ordinary clients (such as telnet or Netscape) don't
recognize this feature and will display lines from the MOO to the user
regardless of their prefix; however, since you've written your own MOO
client, it should be easy for you to parse this output separately from
the usual output (sent directly to the user).



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