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Re: Encyclopedia

G'day Julie and other MOOers...

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Julie Falsetti wrote:

> Currently, my moo (schMOOze U.) has an on-line dictionary and thesaurus.
> I would like to add an encyclopedia. Has anyone done this? If there
> is no on-line public encyclopedia, how would I go about having the moo
> access one on a CD connected to the server?

Well if you define an encyclopaedia as a collection of information, a 
database a collection of (related) information. Considering a MOO is one 
big database (with a fangled process serving the information), then a MOO 
is an encyclopaedia... The information you put in is what you get out...

To be less pedantic, you would have to figure out some practical means of 
putting the information into the database - and most likely you will have 
to do it yourself, as I seriously doubt anyone else has ever done it 
before.  If you do find a PD/copylefted encyclopaedia, let us know - it 
would be great to hear how you get on.

Anyways... enough of the mindless banter for now...!

Ciao... and have fun...!



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