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Re: Encyclopedia

Junkie's 'R' Us wrote:
>         Lambda Core comes with a dictionary builtin.  Only that most
> people recycle it because it's 1.2 megs in size by itself.  The object is
> $spell.  You would probably have to go to LambdaMOO to get the related
> @spell verbs on the player classes (or features, whichever) and install
> them so you can use it (unless you want to create your own, which isn't
> hard).
>         Also, there is a webster dictionary on the internet (there are
> several actualy), so even if whatever MOO you're on doesn't have $spell,
> you can still check for definitions and stuff online through the internet
> dictionary.  I would suggest looking for an Internet Word Finding feature
> and check that out.  It has the host address and port on it that you can
> contact (and the related verbs to use, obviously).
>         Junky's 'R' Us

First I suggest not nuking $spell, but just running :clear_all or
whichever one cleans out the db.  Then you still have the shell
for whatever.  Something I tried, but never got to work is use 
FUP to run the word through an external spellchecker.  Most UNIX
systems I've seen had some sort of spell program.  Any suggestions
on implementing this (mainly how to get a behaving spell program,
that returns the right info etc.).  Because if you could do that
you could stick that into $spell's shell and have a reasonable
in MOO spell checker that doesnt need other hosts, and doesnt
chew up tons o db space.

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