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RE: Interactive MOO

Okay, two quick questions:

        Since it's possible to selectively put a MOO on the web, is it
possible, through MOOcode and HTML forms, to allow the user to interact
with/in the MOO?

Yes, several MOOs have done this.  But HTTP isn't an interactive sort of 
protocol, so there's little point in using it for live realtime interaction. 
 Maybe when VRML evolves a little more.

        Since MOOs can be "Internet aware", is it possible to have them,
say, run and get information from a program at a remote site? ie- a MOO at runs a program from

If that program listens on a network port, sure.  $gopher (which comes with 
Lambdacore) is ideal for making network transactions, as long as your 
request fits on one line -- it shouldn't be too hard to modify it to send 
multiple lines (consider this a test question, try to figure out how to do 
it yourself).  $gopher's not just for gopher.

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