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Re: Interactive MOO

>         Since it's possible to selectively put a MOO on the web, is it
> possible, through MOOcode and HTML forms, to allow the user to interact
> with/in the MOO?
>         Since MOOs can be "Internet aware", is it possible to have them,
> say, run and get information from a program at a remote site? ie- a MOO at
> runs a program from
>         Thanks for your time,
>                 Chris

As Charles Adams indicated this is very possible...I don't agree, 
however, that it can't be interactive.  Granted that such 
interaction is more delayed because of the nature of the interface, 
but still users can fill out the form of what they want to say, send 
it off, and then a few moments later read how others might have is then much like 
Web chat rooms.  On VWCMoo (Virtual Writing Center) we have developed 
a WOO chat room where users who aren't that familar with MOOing can 
come in, ask questions etc.  Mostly we have used this room to help 
people who are MOO illiterate to get comfortable.  All in all, while 
most of the users prefer the MOO, there are a few die hard web chatters too...

Clinton Gardner (
Writing Center Instructional Support Coordinator
Salt Lake Community College

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