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Javascript/Java [Re: Interactive MOO]

>Okay, two quick questions:
>        Since it's possible to selectively put a MOO on the web, is it
>possible, through MOOcode and HTML forms, to allow the user to interact
>with/in the MOO?

Well, we're playing with a Javascript tutorial system that helps people
understand the @describe, movement and @dig functions.  The tutorial models
reactions and then has the option of sending the data directly to the Moo
via a Java applet.  The form output is entered directly to the moo via live
script and the tutorial taker can see the response in a telnet type window
embedded in the web page.  It is at
if you're interested.  It is simple now, as we just got the livescript
thing working last night.

Comments welcome.


 Jason Nolan    
 Curriculum Department    telnet:// 9696
 Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U of T

* Note that the new address is *


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