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Re: Interactive MOO

>         Since it's possible to selectively put a MOO on the web, is it
> possible, through MOOcode and HTML forms, to allow the user to interact
> with/in the MOO?

Well, that's pretty much what SenseMeia has done.  But a more "interactive"
solution might be to write a Web-Telnet gateway.  I did that for a web
class I took.  It's pretty simple with Java, as long as the gateway is
running on the same IP address as the MOO itself.  Better, you can write a
custom MOO interface that includes graphics or other interactive features,
and it would look the same on every platform.  

One drawback is that this only works for true IP connections, so folks
accessing the Web from pseudo net sites (like AOL and Prodigy users) can't
use it, at least until those services' browsers support Java.

UW Dragon

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