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[Server] Wish list entries...

Okay, here are my (belated) contributions to the server wish-list:

1. Suspending open_network_connection().  With networked MOOs becoming
more and more prevalent, having all activity on the MOO cease for a
network connection to open becomes a real drag.  If
open_network_connection() were to suspend like read(), it would be... real

2. A quick encapsulation of string_hash() including salting that would
make replacing OS-dependant calls to crypt() for password checking with
platform-independant calls to the MD5 implementation easy.  This function
would behave exactly like crypt(), taking the same arguments and
performing the same function.  Yes, it is possible to handle this in-db by
replacing calls to crypt() with calls to string_hash(), or with a
$bf_crypt().  However, if the built-in is supplied in a complete format,
people will be more likely to use it, and also less likely to implement a
portable but less secure version, for example, using string_hash without
salting.  This will save people headaches when they need to move their
database from one platform to another--from a standard UNIX to, for
example, WinMOO, MGM, or LambdaMOO on a noncommerical UNIX with a
nonstandard crypt(). 

I would also suggest that LambdaCore and other distributed cores be
distributed using string_hash() rather than crypt().

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