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Re: wish-list (new perm flag)

I really like this idea.  Perhaps it could be handled with a more unix-like
permission set?  User/Group/Other?  It wouldn't have to break any old perms,
because a single set could be tripled on loading a db, and verbs that passed
a simple "rdx" could default to setting the Other perm, so it wouldn't have
to break old verbs.

At 07:58 PM 8/20/96 PDT, Matthew Sanderson wrote:
>Frobs in MOO sounds like a great idea. In fact, while we're talking about
>Coldifying MOO, why not add some of Cold's sophistication in method calls?
>Far too much DB space is wasted with code like 'if (caller != this)', 'if
>($perm_utils:controls(caller_perms(), this))' and so on for my liking. Some
>new verb flags specifying what can call this verb would:
>a) save database space
>b) make security simpler for newbie programmers/wizards
>c) move the security checking to the server, speeding things up considerably.
>Perhaps a 't' flag meaning caller must be == this, others for other common
>I wonder exactly how many ticks are used calling $perm_utils:controls()
>over and over? I bet it's a big number.

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