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Lambda Cores

I'm writing to inquire if there's a core version available for Windows 95/NT
servers available anywhere. I've already browsed the archives at Xerox's FTP
site and only found UNIX/Linux and SUN versions.  If there isn't an NT core,
I was wondering if there's plans being made to recompile the core to support
these platforms? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

           .xXXXx.                   .7'                   .xXXx
          .XX' `XX                  xX' ,                 xX' `Y
          xX'  xX'                 xX' xX             x. xX'
          XX  xX' .xXx.   .xXx    xX'.x7' .xXXx.   Xx `YXXx.  .xXx
          `Y xX'.xX'`YX .xX'`Y   xXXXY'  xX7'`XX  xX'  xX'`Y.xX'`Y7
            xX' xX  ,YX xX    , xX' `Yx xX'  xX' xX'  xX'   xX,x7'.x
           xX'  `YXY'`Y `YXXXY' Y'   7' 7'   Y' xX'  xY'    `YXXXXY'

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