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Re: Lambda Cores

At 08:13 PM 8/23/96 PDT, Brian K. Farris wrote:
>I'm writing to inquire if there's a core version available for Windows 95/NT
>servers available anywhere. I've already browsed the archives at Xerox's FTP
>site and only found UNIX/Linux and SUN versions.  If there isn't an NT core,
>I was wondering if there's plans being made to recompile the core to support
>these platforms? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 
>								 Thanx,
>								Jacknife

hm do you mean a core or do you mean a server? the standard core works with
all versions (with modifications, of course). But since you said "compile"
I'm assuming you mean a server, try WinMOO. You can access the FAQ at

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