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Re: Wish-list (!object nums)

> From: "Robert J. Brown" 
> >>>>> "aka" == aka Bastian <Patrick> writes:
>     aka>  That would mean no two objects could ever be
>     aka> named the same.  That would be pointless stupid and sucky.
>     aka> Sorry. =)
> Actually, they could, because you could use local synonyms for global
> names, and only the globasl names would have to be unique.
> A worse problem might come from the dynamically bound reference to an
> object which might itself be dynamically created, transient in extent,
> and totally unnamed -- a "scratch" or "temp" object, if you will.
Possibly, but my intent was that globals would also be unique and 
the global permission is not inherited.

> Only the object number would serve to identify such an object.  Good
> programming would keep such a number in a variable or named constant,
> and never hard code the number literally inline.

Unless i am missing something, given that:
	@create $worldObject called Item
is okay.
and the following obviously not valid:
@verb $worldObject.Item:MyVerb this none this

How do i refer to Item, make another #0 property ? I tend to shy 
away from that. I thought it was bad practise to add every class as a 
property to #0 ?

At the moment i do all my coding off line, using proper identifiers
So far i have been able to move them into my contents so the 
follwoing is valid:
@verb Item:MyVerb this none this
I intend to look into @check-in & @check-outverbs to do just that.

But i am obviously in a rarified environment. 

--Geoffrey King--Software Engineer--Ice T Multimedia--

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