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Re: Wish-list (!object nums)

> From:          "Patrick Harris (aka Bastian)" <>
> Okay, I'll give you that.  But, come ON, the entire server and core has
> been based on object numbers.  If you want something with with you don't
Well i guess if the whole core is done that way, there is no point in 
making a change which would be backwardly compatible and (arguably) be 

> need object numbers, make a webchat page.  Or an IRC channel.  Or some
> such.
> If it's portability and hardcoded objnums your concernted with, just store
> all objnums in props, so people porting your stuff can merely change the
> props.
Like i said before, maybe its my inexperience, but i see object 
numbers as equivalent to memory address in C. So not only is it a 
porting problem but it also has no level of abstraction so you get no 

Have Fun.

--Geoffrey King--Software Engineer--Ice T Multimedia--


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