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Re: encrypt/decrypt

Encryption is not difficult.

Its just messy, to get it so that it is secure.

Essentially, an encryption routine, simply stores your message in a form
that is not recognizeable. Security is supplied, by making it difficult for
someone else to figure out how you made the data unrecognizeable.

Cryptology, is an ArtForm, but you can make unauthorized decryption nearly
impossible by mapping your alphabet across to an arbitrary code alphabet
utilizing a non-repeating or almost random function, and changing the
mapping periodically, so that it is difficult to use things like character
frequency tables etc, to figure out what the message says.

Of course, you want to be able to decrypt it using a valid authorized 
decryption program, but that requires that you have the ability to 
synchronize both programs in some manner, so that they do the same task
at the same time, only in reverse.

If I rewrote the Crypt function I designed for Mod0 so that it was a paired
function, it still wouldn't decrypt the passwords, since they are arrived at
by a one-way algorythm. :)

But, I would be willing to do that for you, if you feel that you need
such a function.


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