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Re: encrypt/decrypt

Gustavo Glusman wrote:
> Seth wrote:
> > BriarCrypt is highly immune to all decryption techniques,
> >and we'll give you $400 and five free licenses if you crack this encrypted
> >message: FDSHKFYHRIA49821384YWQHDKJWA79.
> Piece of cake. It reads "Rabbits on walls, no problem."
> This decrypting feat was performed by our -um- proprietary decrypting
> algorithm, which we'll refer to as 'GGDeCrypt' for the sake of arguement.
> It is highly immune to all encryption techniques, too.
> How do I collect the $400?
Asuming it is a correct desencription...
You KNEW that It probably will be a common english statement, dont you?
Can you do the same with the encrypted version of: F4G2va5DFaG for
instance? I do not bet :)


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