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LambdaCore copyright

My understanding of this question, and how the discussion went last time
around is that the LambdaCore is a collective work given to the world by
its many authors.  The implicit copyright thus allows it to be used for
any purpose.  It is in the job description of LambdaMOO wizards that one
of the duties is to prepare core databases.  The core dbs are publicly
available at parcftp, so free distribution is obviously the intent.  Perhaps
LambdaWiz should write a copyright notice that makes all this explicit 
for the next core release.

Now for the few parts of the core that have explicit copyrights, the prudent
thing is to obtain permission for use from the copyright holders.  If you
are providing a db for sale or for commercial purposes it is wise to be
prudent, if only to satisfy your customers.  That these parts are bundled 
with the rest of the core means that you may not be required to do so.
The authors of those parts should probably pipe in and say what they want.

Not a lawyer, so advice worth what you paid.  But general principle applies:
err on the side of caution.

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