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Re: copyright for LambdaCore

There is no one copyright that covers the Lambda core.  Everyone
should understand that the LCore has an assortment of individual
copyrights and to sort out the ownership could be a real hassle.
All the individual authors would have to assign their
rights to one copyright owner.  Every line of code in LCore is
copyrighted.  A notice is not required.

The JHCore does have a copyright that covers the entire core.
The assumption here is that everything is covered under the Fox
copyright except as stated otherwise.  It's also a derivative
work of LamdaCore, so that slightly muddles it.

I think the confusion is license, not copyright.  The server code
is clearly copyrighted and clearly licensed.  The JHCore is clearly
licensed, the copyright is possibly fuzzy.  LambdaCore is neither. 

Rewriting the core and getting assignments are the only ways
I know on how to avoid any potential problems.  Assignments
are not licenses; the assignment actual transfers the ownership.

But since this topic has been kicked around more than once, 
why don't we hear from the legal owners of LCore and find out
what it would take to make a legal LCore with the same license
as the server.  

Btw, if you want more information about copyrights, especially
as it may apply to the electronic world, browse my page at:
I think i've hidden the legal stuff under business.


maddog's studio
Frank Crowell


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