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Re: copyright for LambdaCore

Eric Mercer wrote:
>   Sorry, I know this is an old topic but I've searched the MOO-Cows archives
>   I'm dealing with the business end of a new core release (free for
> non-commercial use), from Diversity University MOO based on LambdaCore, and
> trying to make sure I have a clear picture of the legal scene (as much as
> such things can be clear).  I hate to be playing "cover my butt" although
> I'd hate even more to have a hot poker stuck up there later.  :)
> Eric (EricM @ Diversity University MOO and BioMOO)

I don't think besides those two there is one on it (that's easily
visible).  As for the ones in the server code that doesn't count,
the Core db and the server are two completely diff. things.  What
I do for lack of something better is say :

Portions of this object contain code from the LambdaMOO Core Database.
With the exception of the aforementioned code, all code contained on
object is Copyright (C) 1995-1996 by Michael Thompson.  All rights

That way i'm only copyrighting my stuff, course that doesnt help if
not an allowance for redistributing and such.  It's better than nothing
at least.

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