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Re: Parsing Problems

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Sam Weber wrote:

>   -- every object declares which command-line verbs it will handle
>      (just the verb -- no argument specification)
>   -- when a player types a command, then the first word of the command
>      is considered to be the verb
>   -- a list of all objects in the player's environment which are willing
>      to handle that verb is constructed.  The environment includes the
>      player's object, the player's location, objects inside the player,
>      and objects in the player's location.  The ordering is done according
>      to certain rules.
>   -- the first object in the list has the appropriate verb called to attempt
>      to handle the player's command.  If the verb returns an failure value,
>      then the next object in the list is tried.  This continues until either
>      some object is found which successfully handles the command, or until
>      the end of the list is reached, in which case an error message is
>      printed.

I did exactly the same thing, but the moo doesn't make a list of the 
possible verbs, it instead searches for them and processes them as it 
finds them.  If it goes through them all, then it prints an error message.
BTW-- it does ask the verb if it wants to parse or not.

- Kipp


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