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Please answer the News question

I have been wondering this for quite a while and figured that eventually
someone would answer this question or add it to the FAQ.  The question
that has been plauging many newbee Wizards (myself included) is how do
I contribute news to my moo news system?  I done the FAQ fixes to get rid of
'spurious new news messages' but don't know how to contribute news when I want
to.  I have seen this question asked several times in the last few months and
but never an answer, probably because those who know the answer find it so
blindingly obvious that they can't believe that there are really people like
myself that can't figure it out.  Anyway, if someone could give me some
assistance, and forward it to
"Kenneth R. Fox" <>
for inclusion in the FAQ, many newbie wizards would be greatful.  Thanks.

                                Mark A. Hepler


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