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Kipp the Kidd drew these hieroglyphs:
> > Does anyone have a hunch as to where i'm wrong ? I know this is a 
> > LAMBDAmoo mailing list :) But i don't know anywhere else ;-P
> I have one thing to say about this:
> index("moo-cows","lambda")==0 && if(disagree) me:show(where it says so) endif
> Nowhere in any rules do I see 'lambdamoo only' for the moo-cows list, and 
> if you disagree, show me where it says so.
> (index("LPMOO","MOO") && index("LambdaMOO","MOO")==1)
> LPMOO is a type of MOO, so I guess it's ok to talk about it here, eh?

i agree -- but if people are using keyword scanners, it'd be good
etiquette to put [LPMOO] in the subject line.


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