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Re: Quick Question [ANSI]

The Root of All Evil wrote...

> Quick question for you-
> How do I add the escape character necessary to implement ANSI on my MOO 
> to the database?
> Specifically, how do I find the appropriate property and edit it?  I have 
> created a prop on #20, #20.escape, to change the value to the escape 
> char, but cannot find it when I search the database.  The property, btw, 
> is currently set to "ekkiekkiekkiekii", something that I'd thought I 
> could find easily, but, I guess not :)
> Thanks alot!
> --john
 To get the ANSI on your MOO you need the escape character you got that 
part, but (to my knowledge anyways) you need and ASCII patch to get the 
escape character. I'm also looking for an ASCII Patch but am unable to 
find one. If anyone knows where to get one post it up.

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