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Re: Quick Question [ANSI]

At 11:59 PM 9/5/95, Ahn Jinsu wrote:

>  This patch adds new built-in function 'cnotify()'. It works exactly like
>'notify()' built-in, except that it interprets '^'ed character into control
>character. (It's my own patch, so I may say some legal(...) words. Anyone
>may use, copy, or modify it. I, the author, make no warranty of any kind
>and accepts no responsibility for this software or any results of its use.)
>(I HATE such words!)
>  cnotify(this, "^[[;H^[[J");   => clear the screen
>Ahn Jin-su    ( (Deedlit@LambdaMOO)
>School of Electrical Engineering
>Seoul National University, Korea

I personally don't think this is a very good idea - If someone typed a ^ in
a say/emote/something similar (Like if they said '5^3 == 125', it would be
interpreted as a control character - Not good. :)
Using a more obscure character might be better.

Matt Pauker


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