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Re: Quick Question [ANSI]

At 8:05 PM 9/5/95, wrote:
>The Root of All Evil wrote...
>> Quick question for you-
>> How do I add the escape character necessary to implement ANSI on my MOO
>> to the database?
>> Specifically, how do I find the appropriate property and edit it?  I have
>> created a prop on #20, #20.escape, to change the value to the escape
>> char, but cannot find it when I search the database.  The property, btw,
>> is currently set to "ekkiekkiekkiekii", something that I'd thought I
>> could find easily, but, I guess not :)
>> Thanks alot!
>> --john
> To get the ANSI on your MOO you need the escape character you got that
>part, but (to my knowledge anyways) you need and ASCII patch to get the
>escape character. I'm also looking for an ASCII Patch but am unable to
>find one. If anyone knows where to get one post it up.

No - His method will work, although I'm not sure why he's not able to find
it in the DB.  I'd set it to something a little easier to reproduce...You
may be mistyping the property value.

If you can't get this to work, you could (As an alternative) get a builtin
that has an ASCII function that will return the ESC char (If you pass it a
27).  And no, I don't know where you can get this :)

Matt Pauker

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