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Re: Please answer the News question

>On Tue, 5 Sep 1995 wrote:
>> someone would answer this question or add it to the FAQ.  The question
>> that has been plauging many newbee Wizards (myself included) is how do
>> I contribute news to my moo news system?  I done the FAQ fixes to get rid of
>I had this trouble myself when I started VUW.  I agree: it should be
>added to the FAQ...

Thanks folks, I'll add this to the Newbie Archwiz FAQ, but can you clarify some

>To add new news:
>1) @send *news    (exactly like sending mail to any mailing list)
>2) Once you are finished composing and sending your message to *news, do:
>   @mail on *news    (that'll show you what message has what number).
>3) Pick the number of the message you want to add from the list provided
>   @mail on *news.
>4) To add that message, do: @addnews [# of message] to *news

@examine $news indicates that this command is:

        @addnews (anything) to $news

where anything is really # of message on *news. Nevertheless on my meeting moo
I have to issue the command as:

        @addnews [# of message] to #61

$news on my moo is #61. Using *news doesn't work either. Is it supposed to
work with $news (or, perhaps *news) and I have something set up wrong?

>5) If a message is old and you want it removed, do: @rmnews [# of
>message] from *news

Same diff here as with @addnews above.


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