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Re: Please answer the News question

>        @addnews (anything) to $news
>where anything is really # of message on *news. Nevertheless on my meeting moo
>I have to issue the command as:
>        @addnews [# of message] to #61

Yes, you have to use the object number here.  Something about the examine
 verbs on $news must be returning it's name as "$news".

>$news on my moo is #61. Using *news doesn't work either. Is it supposed to
>work with $news (or, perhaps *news) and I have something set up wrong?

To use the *news syntax, you have to move the $news object to $mail_agent, like

@move $news to $mail_agent

then commands like the following:

>>5) If a message is old and you want it removed, do: @rmnews [# of
>>message] from *news

will work

This has to do with the fact that the $news is matched by su:match_object in 
 the @move call, but it's not being matched by the server in the @addnews
How all this needs to be said in the FAQ, I don't know, since it would be
 nice if the FAQ didn't have the be changed everytime a new core came out
 with $news being something different each time.  Perhaps an explaination of
 eval to find out the object number of $news and then using that in the call
 to @addnews.  Anyone?
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