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Re: new builtin request

I like it.  PennMUSH (don't flame for the reference, hinthint) has something
like this (it's called @uptime), which displays a lot of relevant information
about how the system is running, memory usage, etc.  It looks like its a 
system command executed from a shell or something and the output is just
redirected to the caller, but i'm not sure about that.   If this were
implemented, IMHO we should have a lot more relevant data on the system,
including DB size and other fun stuff, with the system load averages, etc.
Since i'm not a C code reader, I couldn't tell you wether this would be
compatible over the different operating system architectures but it should
be from what I understand.

Very feasable.  Although I run MUSH at the moment, it's little things like
this that would make me want to switch over to MOO again.


> So I'm thinking about a new builtin to give some details about the specific
> instance of the server/database which is running.  The name I'm proposing
> here sucks, but I'm thinking of something like:
>   sys_info()
>     => {hostname, port, database, checkpoint-database}
>   If called with nonwizardly permissions, raises E_PERM.

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