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Re: Looking for references to MOO papers...

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Dick Seabrook wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm looking for research papers (published if possible) on MOOs and
> possibly MUDs as well, to form a basis for a project in a graduate 
> seminar: Current Directions in Database Research.  I need to convince
> the instructor that this is a fruitful area for database research, which I
> suspect it is, tho' Human Computer Interaction or Social Psych would
> probably be an easier sell..
   I dunno if anythin's been done, but searchin MOO DB's is somethin that 
IMO, c'd *use* serious work. Findin stuff inna MOO db isn easy, an 'cause 
a that people tend ta make `new' objs 'stead a lookin up the stuff that's 
there (an defeatin the whole purpose a havin stuff be objec-oriented.)  
Anyway that's my $.02 8}


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