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Re: Database editors

>> This is all fine and dandy, but this program would have two purposes
>> in my book:
>> 1. setting an object's wizard bit
>> 2. programming $sys:server_started, and adding it if necessary.

>May I add changing a player's password, 


>setting a player flag (for those really stupid ones who @toad #2 
>without backing up first), etc.  

<sigh> If you're going to load the datatase into an editor to do this
sort of things, why not just start the server?  If you've got
#0:server_started wizowned, you can merely edit -that- to clean up 
for a player who's forgotten eir password (though why this is easier
than using the @newpassword command - or an eval - I don't know), or to
set a player flag.

The only time I've ever found it to be a plus to edit a database by hand
was when I was starting with a minimal and wanted to be able to edit
verbs for debugging.

> One time I accidently @recycled #0 on my personal play pen MOO. (Believe 
> me it was an accident... I made a typo in an eval or something.  Honest.)
> So, might I also add porting an object between databases?

So your hypothetical editor will handle max_object() (if necessary), the
parent() and children() lists of the newly-created object (as well as
the .location and .contents for its location and itself), its inherited
properties (maintaining clarity as needed), its defined properties
(passing values to children as needed), and its defined verbs.

You know, I happen to have -just- such an editor handy.  I call it

Seth / Blackbriar

Seth I. Rich
Woo, woo!  OpalMOO's back!       There is nothing more precious than
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